Our Story

The story of Marie’s Café began in Paris, France where Marie’s parents opened one of the first Vietnamese Fusion food stores in Paris, carrying imported Vietnamese foods and the flavors of Marie’s mother’s, Thu’s, original and delicious recipes. Especially popular were her Vietnamese eggrolls and Pate Chaud, a meat pie infused with Vietnamese and French flavors. So popular were the eggrolls and Pate Chaud that they were sold out constantly and ordered weekly by other businesses to sell in their storefronts.

That heritage of delicious and inventive cooking was passed on to Thu’s daughter, Marie, where she has continued to innovate French-Asian flavor and modernized it with American flair, here in Simi Valley. Along with the traditional Banh Mi sandwich of Vietnamese flavors of Vietnamese BBQ Pork and Xiu Mai meatballs inside of a French roll, Marie has added fun new tastes with Rum Pulled Pork, Miso Pulled Chicken, and Chicken Meatballs, all served with our house made pickled carrots and daikon, fresh cilantro, cucumber, and jalapenos.

To compliment these exciting sandwich flavors are some equally fun varieties of Taiwanese Boba drinks with perfectly textured boba tapioca pearls that are so popular across the world. Also, for those wanting a delicious treat there is the Taiwanese Shaved Snow, a perfect marriage of ice cream and shaved ice, layered with delicious toppings like mochi, popping boba, condensed milk, and so much more to choose from. Try the exciting Mango Snow, The Island POG (passion fruit, orange, guava), and other decadent delights.

All of these amazing flavors have been the result of Marie’s immense talent, family tradition in good food, and the diversity of tastes that could only happen in America.