Banh Mi Sandwiches

#1  Rum Pulled Pork  

Pork braised in a rum marinate that cooks off the alcohol but leaves behind a buttery taste that melts in your mouth.

#2  Miso Pulled Chicken  

Tender hand-pulled chicken mixed in our house miso sauce.

#3  Vietnamese Pork Cold Cut  

Pork belly that has been marinated and cooked into a cold-cut ham.  This traditional Vietnamese flavor is an experience that comes through its authentic taste.


#4  Sake Chicken Meatball  

A velvety soft chicken meatball cooked in sake and mirin. The alcohol is cooked off but the distinctive sweet flavors stay to delight the palette.

#5  Chinese Sausage  

A traditional savory-sweet pork sausage eaten in China and other parts of Asia that we’ve sourced from here in the USA.

#6  Cha Lua (Vietnamese Bologna)  

Pork cold cut with fish sauce for that extra umami.  A savory delight that’s full of flavor.


#7  Cha Lua and Ham  


#8  Ham  

Traditional American ham but zestier in the banh mi style


#9  Turkey  

Oven roasted turkey with the banh mi spin.


#10  Xiu Mai  

Succulent pork meatball made with jicama and a light red sauce.


#11  House Special  

Composed of our Vietnamese Pork Cold Cut, Cha Lua, and Paté.  Paté is a French delicacy liver spread similar to liverwurst.


#18  Vegan Tofu  

The perfect meal for Vegetarians and Vegans.  Our tofu is cooked with rice noodle and shallots for a savory bite.


#19  Chicken Char Siu  

Strips of grilled chicken mixed with our sweet and savory House BBQ sauce. Absolutely delicious!

Menu subject to expand